Garforth Evangelical Church has existed for almost 50 years. Their meeting place is the church building in Salem Place, on Wakefield Road.

If you wish to learn more of the Christian Faith or have become a Christian and want fellowship with those who have also trusted Christ we meet together on Sundays.

Sunday worship 10.30 am and 6.30 pm

:: Witnessing for Christ as a gospel church in West Yorkshire ::

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Evangelical Church

A local church

In the Bible when the churches were first beginning they were formed when people believed that Jesus Christ was the Saviour God had promised, and that He had died for their sin, had risen again and had ascended into heaven.

These believers turned to Christ from their sin, they were baptised and added to the church in the place they were living.

They then began a life of fellowship and learning together. They were taught from the Bible, they prayed together, they remembered what Christ had done by the ceremony of communion. That is what our church is about.


- Faith: salvation is by faith in Christ alone

- Atonement: Christ died for our sins

- Inspiration: The Bible is God’s Word

- Trinity: There is one God yet three Persons

- Holiness: True salvation produces a holy life

What we believe

We believe the Bible is God’s message for all mankind for all time; that it is true in whatever area it speaks; that it begins with the creation and tells of man’s sin. God then promises a Saviour entrusting that message through Abraham. Eventually God sent His own Son into the world to fulfil His promise. Jesus Christ lived the life we ought to live and then became our substitute before God to pay for our sins as He died on the Cross. He was successful and was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven. He is now saving men and women and boys and girls as He convinces them they are sinners needing a saviour. They place their trust in Him, and have no thought that their own goodness can in any way make amends for the wrong they have done. Having trusted Christ they long to be what they ought to be and live holy lives. Through their fellowship with other believers they grow in grace and love, seeking to tell others that God has made a way for them to be forgiven too. They look forward to the day when they will either go to be with the Lord, or that He will return to judge the world.

The most important part of fellowship is mutual care and love for each other.

Our statement of faith